Sunday, January 22, 2012

Proposed HB2720 Ryan and Cole Hamil Act.

I hope 2012 is finding you and your family blessed!
I received the following from Hank Hamil's Aunt and wanted to share the information with you:

"Following is post from Catherine Hamil: I just found out that on January 19, 2012, Rep. Richard Morrissette filed HB2720 Ryan and Cole Hamil Act to advise buyers of the storm worthiness of particular homes. The next step will be up to the Speaker of the House to assign the bill to the appropriate committee. Once in committee, citizen supporters of the measure must convince the Chairman of that committee to place the bill on the calendar for consideration. If the bill is not heard, it will not come up for a vote this session. Personal visits to members' offices at the Capitol, letters, emails, and phone calls to committee members, and the Chairman of the committee, are essential.

Hopefully, by getting this bill passed it has the potential to save many lives and encourage the construction industry to make homes better to withstand dangerous weather. Please help in this effort."
Call to action: You can begin your effort to contact members by going on the House website at and checking out all of the options: contact info, calendars, etc.  Let's help get the bill up-and-running!  
Blessings To You!
Toni Keltner

Shower of Hope Oklahoma

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