Thursday, May 26, 2011

On A Mission.

Shower of Hope Oklahoma is the "baby" of Toni Keltner. An Oklahoma resident for 30-years, Toni resides in Broken Arrow with her husband and 2 little boys. After the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, Toni was stirred to help in anyway possible. Shower of Hope Oklahoma is Toni's way of helping expectant parents and the parents of young children affected by the recent Oklahoma tornadoes.
Toni is currently gathering and accepting donations for the Hamil Family in Piedmont, Oklahoma.  Toni is collecting new baby and toddler items.  The Hamil family lost 2 baby boys (15-months & 3-years) in the Tuesday Oklahoma tornadoes.  Catherine Hamil is expecting a baby & is recovering from her injuries in the hospital. The Hamil Family also has a 5-year old daughter, Cathleen, and she is recovering in the hospital as well.
Toni has contacted the Piedmont Police Deparment, and has been told that First Baptist Church in Cashion, Oklahoma, is taking care of donations for the Hamil Family. Toni and Shower of Hope Oklahoma would like to receive as many donations as possible over the next 4 weeks and then deliver them to the Hamil Family via the First Baptist Church in Cashion.  Please consider donating a new baby or toddler item for this cause.
Please contact Toni at or 918-402-1483 for further details. 
Blessings To You!
Toni Keltner
Shower of Hope Oklahoma 


  1. I'm so glad you are doing this for this sweet family. You may want to add the facebook website, as well as this blogspot one to the twitter account, and the "pray for the hamil family" fb page. so that people that are seeing it can click through, since some folks around the country haven't been keeping up with it all, and may be seeing it for the first time.

  2. P.S. would you happen to know what month little Ryan was born, I was told March for little Cole. Would you be able to confirm that with their Aunt? A gift is being made for the mother in remembrance of her two little boys. You can email me at homethatlovebuilt {at} hotmail {.} com (breaking it up so it won't get picked up by spam bots)


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